Recent Testimonials

Hair done! Thanks Laura Tompkins for COLOR CONES, we had great fun playing with them. Great product, they work really well and made the job so much easier and less messy!
Michelle near Leighton Buzzard

We really, really liked using COLOR CONES. It was so exciting! We did a baly an ombre and highlights. Nothing else can be used to colour our wigs, we shall use them in all our trainings from now on!
Clara MD Xtension Consultants

Overall i loved using color cones. I found applying them easy and straight forward and comfortable. Once in the swing of putting them in, i would have done more but couldn’t reach the back! I made the bed and did some vacuuming, they all stayed right in place!! Taking them off was a synch – whilst i left the conditioner treatment on, i rinsed out the cones in a bowl of cold water and left on the side to dry. I’m going to try another colour tomorrow, using the same color cones. These are wonderful, my mum is going to love some for her birthday!! What a discovery!…
Jan in Hertfordshire

COLOR CONES feel light and easy to use, i’m sure i’ll get quicker next time i use them. They are definitely cleaner to use than meche. Very reasonable price, color cones will save me a small fortune!
Lyn C, Colour Technician Hemel Hempstead

“COLOR CONES produce great results and give a more natural all over colour to the hair. Both my daughter and I, with different hair lengths (short and long) found the application process relaxing, non invasive and incredibly light on the head. We are so pleased with the finished results and would definitely opt for COLOR CONES rather than a cap or foils the next time we need to reapply the color! Incredibly the COLOR CONES are spongy, easy to wash out and don’t pull on the hair during application. We LOVE them!”
Anita Curtis – Taunton

“Well I ordered the cones yesterday, they were delivered this morning and used this afternoon. Brilliant service. Love them.”
Mel-Astra SublimeEco