What the Professionals Say About Us

“Quick colour is what our customers are wanting and COLORCONES not only make this possible they look great on too! Easy to rinse out and ready to use again, we have increased our sales and profits! The cost of foils has gone right down, [we hate waste]. COLORCONES are a brilliant, reusable invention and we love ‘em!”
T.S.D. – Senior Colourist London

“We’ve been using COLORCONES for a while now and we Love them! Even for beginners they are really easy and clean to use. Creating colouring techniques using COLORCONES to ‘map out’ a design is great; a real confidence tool in any hand” “Congratulations and well done for the idea!”
K.R. – College Educator – South West

“ I saw them at the Hair Show and thought they worked brilliantly for Afro and curly hair types” – “We can really promote the ease of new colouring techniques and COLORCONES are so clean and quick to use! Fantastic!”
L.V. – Technical Head of Colour

“ A fabulous – inspirational product, well done for bringing COLORCONES to market!” “Being so neat, re-usable and clean, they are helping today’s approach to; colouring without limitations, for everyone!”
A.W. – Award winning Session Stylist

“It is long overdue that hairdressers have a re-usable method that cuts down the terrible waste of foils”! ”Congratulations for developing COLORCONES and we wish you every success in bringing them to the wider community”
P.E. – College Educator – Wales

“COLORCONES are the innovative way of translating up-coming new trends to hair coloring” “With a strong passion for education within the industry, using COLORCONES go a step ahead!
L.L. – Global Colour Ambassador

“As we are committed to a reduction in waste generation, I regard COLORCONES as an infinite replacement for foils”.  “Such a brilliant product!” “Your passion to enhance the fun and ease of future hair colouring is wonderful.” “I shall watch with great interest your progress”.
CEO – Multinational Hair Colouring Company

“COLORCONES ARE AMAZING! We got a great results today and I’m pleased and honoured to be a part of it“.
A.W. – Hair Academy Director

“Multi tonal hair colouring is here to stay and COLORCONES have just made the job so much easier! “We love that they are washable and can be used over and over again; already we have saved £300.00 on foils that we would have thrown out!!! Go COLORCONES, you are our new best friend and our customers love them too”!
K.J. – Colour Director and Extensionist – Hertfordshire

“I really like this new concept!” “With the easy to follow instructions we all picked up a good speed to putting in the COLORCONES. We achieved fantastic results and used far less product that usual. Plus, plus, plus! What a great idea and all from the UK!
M.B. – Salon Owner Hertfordshire

“There are definite benefits with COLORCONES whichare great for certain things. They are especially good for free hand, free-style colouring as you can see the shapes in the hair or the ends to be coloured. Seeing the accuracy of colour placement before applying any product gives real confidence, even to beginners”. Quick and easy to work with we really love how much cleaner they are to use too. Less mess in the salon is a real bonus”!
C.C. – Colour Director Realhair London