Q: After rinsing out my Cones, a little product remained in the end of some of them.
A: Loosen any remaining product in the end of the Cone by using the Applicator Brush under water.
Rolling the base of the Cone between finger and thumb helps as well.

Q: Some Cones were left dis-colored after washing, does this affect their use.
A: Color solution staining is normal and has no effect on their use. Color Cones are durable and will take extensive hair coloring products, over and over again.

Q: Some Cones ‘tugged’ on my hair when I took them off.
A: If you squeeze the Base of the Cone, they slid off easily on removal.

Q: I had put Lids on the Cones after coloring my hair but some of them where ‘pinging’ off.
A: You need to ensure the Rim of the Cone is clean*, so wipe around the rim with a piece of tissue or cotton wool.

Q: I have very Long Hair and got into a tangle with the Cone as I painted it.
A: After all your Cones are in place to guide your color placement, take one Cone at a time and Apply a little Product to the root area first.
Then Twirl the remaining Hair around a Finger and feed into the Cone.
Load your Applicator Brush with more coloring product and completely cover the Hair.
Pop on a Lid*. Even coverage during the processing time will be achieved.

n.b. Always follow Manufacturers hair coloring Instructions for Development times.

Q: My head felt warm when I was High Lighting my hair using Color Cones and processing time seemed quicker.
A: The natural heat from your head helps to accelerate High Lift products within the Cones.
Do Not use additional heat when processing colouring products. Always follow Manufacturers’ own instructions.