EASY TO APPLY COLORCONES are Fabulous for Additional Coloring Techniques adding Several Tones and Bleach on Any length of Hair Made in the UK

Time Saving

YOU WILL LOVE the Speed that Multi Tones & Highlights can be processed together. Professionally Directing Your Creative, Coloring Design Using Less Product


TRULY RE-USABLE time and time again. Wash & Dry and have them ready to use again in minutes. COLORCONES are made from sustainable 100% Natural Rubber.


PRECISE HAIR COLORING, try a Dip-Dye, an Ombre or Highlights with Expert Accuracy. Limitless Results at Home and in the Salon Beautiful, Fusion Colored Hair…

inline-logo In Action

COLORCONES model Terri


For a stunning Tri color, bands of five COLORCONES pre-guided this creative design. Quick to apply with total accuracy, several ‘funky’ semi-permanent colors were processed together.

COLORCONES model Emily


‘Targeted’ Color Placement is so Easy. Clear and precise, COLORCONES will direct exactly were to place the product. A little goes a long way!

COLORCONES model Bella


For a modern, multi tonal look, Bella had three colors put in. Directing color placement using 3 colors of the Cone, this reduced application time and safely processed high lights and warmer tones together.

inline-logo About Us

About-1-2-3Our new innovation for the global hair coloring market is leading the way and complimenting the convenience for all hair colorists!

No mess & reusable – it’s the quick and easy way of adding color to any length and type of hair.

COLORCONES have been developed by Laura Tompkins who says “I have been adding color to my own hair for many years and because traditional methods were not successful for my soft, fly-away hair type – the cap is painful and very hit & miss – foils are really fiddly and don’t get close enough to the root so, I have developed these little reusable ‘cones’, that isolate the hair to be colored”.

They are designed to give quick, targeted ‘on trend’ healthy coloring.

After researching for a UK company that manufactured with an Eco friendly material and several prototypes later – COLORCONES were born!

COLORCONES Pre Guide Any Color Placement, Giving You Confidence To Create Flashes Of ‘On Color’.

If You Prefer Several Natural Tones, Then Using COLORCONES For Some ‘Can Do’ Highlights Is Perfect!

With COLORCONES to pre-guide your color placement – Laura’s idea is; “You see exactly where your color will go, building up to a desired effect” “precise coloring – no mess – no waste”!

“We have COLORCONES made in the UK using 100% sustainable resource.”

We can’t promote strongly enough COLORCONES Eco credentials!

Along with many today we hate waste. So we devised our product out of rubber.
Not only for its durability [they’ll last forever – as long as the dog doesn’t run off with them]!
But, especially because it is a sustainable, renewable resource – 100% natural!

“We share the passion in this world of fashion, color and creative hair do’s [life’s little luxuries]!  That make us feel a million dollars – when we achieve the ‘look’ we want”.

“More & more women are coloring their hair across the globe and now…

‘In just 3 easy steps’

Anyone can create a desired effect & precise color placement is guaranteed!”

COLORCONES work perfectly with any coloring agent from permanent – semi permanent everyday hair dyes,  peroxide or henna & hair chalks.


They are fabulous on any length and all hair types uniquely including curly, afro hair.

For gorgeous looking hair – that doesn’t cost the ‘earth’ become a COLORCONE artist today!

No mess – No waste – Just brilliant

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    After-Image Set 1
    Before Image Set 1 After

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